Shipwrecks - Port Mouton Island

Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic - Shipwreck Data Base includes vessels wrecked on or near Port Mouton Island. Click here.

Schooner Millie B. ran ashore on Port Mouton Island at 10 o�clock Sunday night, according to the Aug. 25, 1886 edition of the New York Times.
Captain Downie was killed by the main boom breaking while he was trying to carry a line ashore.
Benjamin Downie, the cook, was drowned.
The rest of the crew was saved.
The vessel which belonged to C. Locke & Company of Lockeport, was homeward bound from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland with a load of codfish.
The schooner broke up and was a total loss.

Norwegian Steamer Bors, Captain Hanson, bound from Louisbourg for Yarmouth with 800 tons of coal, ran ashore on Port Mouton Island, June 28, 1930. (reported in N.Y. Times)


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