Recent Years - Port Mouton Island

The Cabins had septic tanks installed and wells which have since been filled with rubbish.  Cabins have been stripped of furnishings, plumbing and electrical fixtures. The doors and windows have been smashed, allowing the weather to come in. Persons hoping to develop the island had better hire year round on-site security. (Photo by Jeff Tutty)


This Rusting Metal Structure is all that is left of a cattle raising venture on the island. (Photo by Jeff Tutty)


The Landing Barge, onshore at Southwest Port Mouton, was used to transport machinery and building supplies to the island. (Photo by Jeff Tutty)


Graveyards On The Island
Against The Law To Disturb Burial Grounds In Nova Scotia
Please be aware that there is a cemetery on Port Mouton Island; and inform any potential client/buyer that Nova Scotia law states it is a criminal offense to dig up sacred human remains. There are many of us who still have family buried out there. We continue to monitor events on Port Mouton Island.
Thank you,
Barbara Meredith, Alberta, Canada


The Road going up the center of the island is now covered with blowdowns. (Photo by Jeff Tutty)


Fresh Water Ponds offered water for sheep and cattle when they occupied the island over the years. (Photo by Jeff Tutty)


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