People - Port Mouton Island

Homes On Port Mouton Island included this dwelling of Enos and Esther (Jollimore) Roy. Esther died in 1940 and after her death, her son Everett, his wife Althea and their children Willis, Evelyn, Ethel, Ross, Marion and Angus moved to Liverpool. (Photo courtesy of Tim MacDonald)

Roy Family - Evelyn, Ethel,
Angus and Marion Roy in 1937
on Port Mouton Island.
(Photo courtesy of
Tim MacDonald)

Evelyn and Willis Roy on
Port Mouton Island.
Evelyn was born in 1922 so
this picture was probably 1924.
(Photo courtesy of Tim MacDonald)

Old Foundations and family graves are
still visible on the island.
(Photo by Jeff Tutty)

People Notes:

John Conrad Bushen and Susanna Elizabeth Schmidt (Smith) settled on Port Mouton Island between 1825 - 1840. He died March 12, 1857 at Port Mouton (research of T.B. Smith). His children were, John George; John William; Anna Catherine; George Philip; Maria Elizabeth; James E.; Joseph Henry and Charlotte.

Death on Port Mouton Island, Feb. 19, 1883, Mary, wife of Mr. Henry Moody. (reported in Yarmouth Times)


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