And May Humanity Improve!

by Mackenzie Armstrong

The deep voice projects into the microphone, into the Chicago air, and up the spines of hundreds of thousands of hopeful Americans.
“Change has come to America,” Obama said.
Change has come to the world.
Who is responsible for this change, and why is it so long overdue?
Forty-three years after African Americans had the right to vote, Americans voted an African American into the Oval Office.
It has been 232 years since the U.S. declared its independence, yet it is only now that someone other than a Caucasian male has been elected as president. 
It seems that the presidency in the United States of America has defied the laws of probability for far too long. Consider this: presently one-third of the American population is not Caucasian.
We are told in junior high that if you have one green apple and two red apples in a bag, we should pull out the Granny Smith one third of the time. Though, one could push that green apple to the bottom of the bag, beneath the others.
The chances of this apple being picked would, therefore, decrease.
There should have been more than one out of 44 presidents who were not white but, of course, some apples have always been ignorantly pushed to the bottom of the bag.
The world has been infected by intolerance as long as it had been graced by goodwill.
If it were not for oppression, segregation, lynching, ignorance, slavery, etc. maybe Barack Obama’s story would not have been so unlikely.
Though, history has shown that humans have a cruel tendency to oppress certain populations because of meaningless differences.
Imagine if life was discovered on Mars and we saw a species murdering each other because they were different shades of green. Racism and all other forms of discrimination are products of the basest intelligence. It is completely absurd to believe that one group of humans is any more valuable than another.     
Should we ask it of each other to abolish discrimination or should we pray for change?
Even though his ancestors were viciously oppressed in the U.S. for centuries, Barack Obama shouts at the end of his speeches, “God bless America!”
How can Obama show such faith in a God who looked on as his people were enslaved for 258 years?
Prayers seem empty when it is solely humanity’s responsibility to be kind-hearted. If we depend on prayer and God for a war to be over, does this not encourage false hope?
Let us not ask God to make humans less violent.
Let us demand it of ourselves, of our peers, and of our government to provoke this change.
It is not my intention to criticize religion.
It is, however, my intention to ask why do we pray to a God who would let 232 years go by before an African American could become president.
We should demand for the compassion of mankind, not of the divine.
Replace “God bless America” with “May humanity improve!” It may not roll off of the tongue as nicely but let us remember who would be saying it.
Even if Barack Obama shouted, “look at my infected warts,” I have no doubt that the spines of America would still tingle.

Mackenzie Armstrong  

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