Liverpool & Neighboring Communities, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Historic Site Disappearing Again - This overgrown spot in Port Mouton contains many graves, including that of Daniel Smith, among the first Loyalists to arrive and remain in the area. He was a sergeant with the British Legion who left on HMCS Clinton from Staten Island, New York, on September 28, 1783, arriving in Port Mouton on October 17, 1783 with the other 124 cavalry, as well as 175 women and children. His many descendants included a great grandson, Robert Smith, the first Spectacle Island Light keeper. Just a few years ago, a local group of citizens cleared the graveyard of the taller bushes and trees but as time passes, just a few of the gravestones are visible. Many more may be lying flat below the surface. (Photo by Mary Mouzar)

Searching For Great Great Great Grandfatherís Tombstone - Murray Smith of Hunts Point, one of the descendants of British Legion Sergeant Daniel Smith, along with his wife, Phyllis, searched in vain to find his ancestorís tombstone among the bushes of the historic graveyard in Port Mouton. The late award-winning author, Thomas H. Raddall, after visiting the site in 1939, reported seeing the grey slate grave marker of Daniel Smith and described it as being similar to those in the historic St. Paulís Cemetery in Halifax. One of Danielís sons, Benjamin, built his house on Beech Hill where he was engaged in farming and lumbering and, in the first half of the 1800s, operated a tavern. Murray, his two brothers and two sisters were born in that house. That 20-room structure, where Murray  lived until he married, was home for five generations of the Smiths before being sold. It was later destroyed by fire.
(Photo by Mary Mouzar)

Spectacle Island Light in Port Mouton Bay - Robert Smith, great grandson of Daniel Smith was the first keeper of Spectacle Light and held the post for 17 years before moving to the United States. (Photo by Mary Mouzar)

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