Fire SW Port Mouton Forest

forest fire in Southwest Port Mouton on March 29, 2006

Andy Dean of St. Catherine's Road, Port Joli, took
this picture at 5.30 pm.

Barry Mouzar took this picture from Hunts Point, a
distance of about five miles, near sunset.

Howard Henderson, Great Hill, Brooklyn, just below
the communication towers, captured this scene, with
structures of Liverpool in the foreground, lower left.

Tim McDonald snapped this view from Lanes Privateer
Inn parking lot in Liverpool.

Cody Ingram of Mersey Point saw the billowing smoke
behind the trees.

Two Forest Fires-When the Southwest Port Mouton blaze
was well underway, more smoke was noticed on the
horizon, this one being a forest fire at Sable River in
neighboring Shelburne County. (Photo by Mary Mouzar)

Bill Corkum of Eagle Head took this picture showing
the direction of the drifting smoke.

Andy Dean took the two pictures (above and below) of
the Southwest Port Mouton fire about 1.30 pm from the
Port L'Hebert Road

Helicopters worked hard all day to prevent
the fire from engulfing houses and other
structures. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

A frightening day for the residents of
Southwest Port Mouton and other nearby
communities as fire swept across the
densely wooded area behind the homes
and cottages. (Photo by Doug Bowers)

Members of the community watched
as helicopters continued until dark carrying
buckets of water from Port Mouton Bay
to battle the blaze that started around
noon in woodlands of Southwest
Port Mouton. (Photo by Doug Bowers)

A beautiful blue sky was marred by the
dark smoke from the forest fire, threatening
 the homes of the coastal community.
(Photo by Clyde Fisher)


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