Fire Of 1955 news

Historical Report
12 AC&W Squadron
Mont Apica, PQ,
1 June 1955 to 30 November 1955
14 June 55
Tuesday - Pay Day. Unit canvassing to aid the unfortunate people in Liverpool NS who lost their homes, boats etc. in Forest Fire. Our aim is the small sum of $100.00. Hope to have this figure extended.
15 Jun 55
Wednesday - Quite hazy today. RC Bishop arrived this afternoon to confirm some of the children. Father Raymond from Bagotville in for a day or two. Father Clouthier arrived with Bishop Garrant for the Confirmation service. $150.00 collected for the Liverpool fund.

Author T. H. Raddall's Cabin Destroyed
Award-winning author Thomas H. Raddall, in 1951, purchased a property in Moose Harbour and on it built a cabin.
It was there he would retreat to work on his novels, and there that he wrote The Wings Of Night.
The cabin, located next to a huge boulder that served as a landmark in the area, was destroyed in the 1955 forest fire.
The Dalhousie University website has pictures. Click

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