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Sylvanus Cobb House was built, then burned down in 1943, and is now the site of Cobb Park, on the banks of the Mersey River on West Main Street in Liverpool.

The Barss Mansion (now Laneís Privateer Inn) on Bristol Avenue, Liverpool, overlooking the mouth of the Mersey River, was built for the famous privateer Captain Joseph Barss, Jr.

A New Battery & Blockhouse were built to defend Liverpool at its successful merchant trade from unscrupulous American privateers. Cast iron cannons were mounted near the two-storey blockhouse but were used mainly on special occasions such as on the birthday of King George III.

Fort Point Lighthouse Tower was constructed. It is located overlooking Liverpool Harbour, at the end of Main Street, and is now part of a pretty park and picnic area with stately elm trees.

Port líHebert Pocket Wilderness Park was constructed by Bowater Mersey Paper Company. The 150-acres of woodlands stretch from Highway 103 to Port líHebert Bay. The area has three kilometers of gravelled walking trails with a picnic area and washrooms. Salt marshes bordering Port líHebert Bay serve as wintering grounds from migrating Canada geese. The shoreline has been designated a waterfowl sancturary by Canadian Wildlife Service.

Pine Grove Park in Milton was established by Bowater Mersey Paper Company. The 54-acre park featured gravelled walking tails, some of which are wheelchair accessible, connecting major points of interest in the park. Overlooking the Mersey River is a scenic picnic site with a fireplace, tables and washrooms.

Rails To Trails from Liverpool to Summerville Centre opened after Canadian National Railways closed the line from Liverpool to Yarmouth. The eight-kilometer trail can be used for hiking, cycling or cross-country skiing. The trail begins on Bog Road, behind the Region of Queens Municipality office, and ends one kilometer from Summerville Beach Provincial Park.

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