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Volunteer organizations and other groups are being sought to commit to keeping a 5 kilometer section of roadway (or a 100 series highway interchange) clean. You select the section, clean the area twice a year for three years, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part in keeping Queens clean and beautiful!
Kempt Women's Institute, North Brookfield Women's Institute, Wildwind Farm, White Point Beach Resort, Byron and Gloria Winters, the LRHS Key Club, Lunenburg /Queens Special Olympics/Penny Lane Enterprises, Hillsview Acres Auxiliary and the Danesville UCW are all members of the Adopt-A-Highway program, cleaning more than 90 kilometers of roadway each year!
Volunteers are provided with safety vests, garbage bags and flagging tape.
Following your first clean-up, Adopt-A-Highway signs will be posted, acknowledging your group's commitment to keeping that section of roadway clean. It's a way to ensure the future safety and beauty of your community!
If your group, business or community would like to take part in Adopt-A-Highway, please contact Heather Cook, Community Development Coordinator, for further information (phone: 354-5741, email:

Habitat For Humanity South Shore Chapter - Queens Build - looking for chairperson or two to co-chair the group. The group has great committee chair people but need a chairperson willing to consider this as a job share with two persons.
Also required: volunteer co-ordinator, a build supervisor, a project co-ordinator and a women's build supervisor and student build co-ordinator.
The Liverpool build starts in June 2009, and needs volunteers for the build in all ways. In addition to experienced folk to build and teach, women and students are encouraged to help and learn.
Not only is this a great community project - it will be fun too!
habitatqueensbuild@gmail.com with any questions about positions and/or to volunteer.

Privateer Days
Privateer Days, held the first weekend of July,is always seeking volunteers to help with the major celebration. For more information visit their

Meals On Wheels
Phone Margo at 354-3249.

Queens General Hospital Red Coat Volunteers
Volunteers work with staff to enhance the care patients receive and they are very appreciated by the hospital staff and patients.
There are Volunteer Programs for the Medical Unit, Day Surgery, Physiotherapy, The Information Desk and Pet Therapy. Orientation and Training Programs  are provided.
If you are interested in becoming part of our Volunteer team or would like more information please contact Joan Eisner, Director Volunteer Services at 1-902-543-2365, email
jeisner@ssdha.nshealth.ca or leave your name and phone number with the Queens General Hospital Admitting Desk.
Gift Shop Volunteers
The Queens General Hospital Auxiliary operates the Gift Shop. All monies raised at the Gift Shop goes to but equipment for Queens General Hospital  that relates to the care and comfort of patients.
The Gift Shop is currently looking foe Volunteers to spare, 3-hour shifts, Monday to Friday.
The Gift Shop is getting ready for Spring. Come in and browse around. There might be something you’re looking for and remember there’s NO TAX.
If you are interested in volunteering at the Gift Shop or learning more about it please contact Joan Eisner, Director Volunteer Services at 1-902-543-2365 or email to jeisner@ssdha.nshealth.ca

Queens General Hospital Auxiliary is seeking a volunteer(s) to chair the 2009 Hospital Hustle. 
Interested personnel can contact the current Queens General Hospital Auxiliary President -
Anna D'Entremont at 354-4262.

Queens Ground Search & Rescue
Queens Ground Search & Rescue is looking for young recruits ages 16 and up, male or female.
This is an opportunity for the younger generation to contribute to their community by choosing to volunteer under Q.G.S.A.R.
As a member of the 25-year-old organization, the youth will receive map and compass training, first aid and CPR, as well as search techniques, which include day and night searches. They may also get boat and motor training and help with flood situations and other disasters which may occur.
The most important task is to search for people who are lost or missing in all kinds of weather.
The team's existence depends upon fundraising during the year, such as the annual garden party, bass tournament, SeaFest security, etc.
They welcome new ideas to help raise money.
The team can, and has been called to assist other teams all over Nova Scotia.
Search members follow a set of training standards which include probationary searcher, searcher, compass man or woman, operations chief or search director. Ground search and rescue is an exciting challenge and can be extremely rewarding.
(Police record checks are mandatory to join their organization.)
If you or any of your friends are 16 or older and are interested in joining Queens Ground Search & Rescue please contact one of the following:
Ralph Grezaud 350-1965
Dave LeBlanc 354-4452
Barry Whynot 354-7329
John LeBlanc 685-3358
Or write to: Q.G.S.A.R., P.O. Box 1405, Liverpool, NS, B0T 1K0

Queens G
round Search & Rescue
Auxiliary Seeks Members
Queens Ground Search & Rescue Ladies' Auxiliary needs more members to help in the event of emergencies as well as fundraisers such as the annual garden party.
In past emergencies, the auxiliary has prepared meals and lunches for searchers, helped in security, answered phones, and have just been there to do what needs to be done under the direction of the Ground Search Team and the RCMP.
In addition to assisting at emergencies, the organization helps raise funds to purchase needed equipment, and for the upkeep of the Team.
Monthly meetings are held at the Ground Search Hall, Sandy Cove Road, Brooklyn, on the third Sunday of each month, except December, July and August.
Membership is open to women 19 years of age and over, who reside in the Region Of Queens.
Members are divided into "work teams", and only work a fundraiser every second or third time, depending on the circumstances and the number of people needed for that event.
The only fundraiser held where all members are expected to work is the annual garden party. All members are asked to help with emergencies.
If interested, please contact one of the following for more information, or to obtain an application:
Marie MacDonald, membership chairperson, 354-4600
Dianne Wamboldt, auxiliary president, 354-5293. All applications are welcome, and they look forward to hearing from prospective members.

Need Adult Volunteers To Accompany Daycare Children
Queens Daycare, Liverpool, has an immediate need for adult volunteers in order that the daycare children may visit Queens Manor on a weekly basis.
Queens Manor has invited the children to visit the Manor residents to add to the residents' quality of life at the Manor but they need volunteers to assist staff during the trek to and from the extended care residence.
Adult volunteers could also help daycare children take advantage of community facilities and events such as the rink, the library, and the theater.
If you have an interest in offering two hours of your time, even on an occasional basis,
please call Queens Daycare at 354-5088 or email
Let them know what fits your schedule.
You will be rewarded with fresh air, a little exercise, and a wonderful warm feeling knowing you are making a senior's day brighter and a little person's day interesting and educational. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Gardening, Walking, Baking, Music, Etc.
Volunteers Needed For Adult Day Program
Queens Manor is currently seeking volunteers to assist with the Adult Day Program.
The Adult Day program services adults who reside in their home and require socialization, supervision or assistance with daily tasks due to age or illness.
The Adult Day Program has a maximum enrollment of three participants per day who are under the supervision of the Adult Day Program Coordinator.
Volunteers involved in the program will assist the participants in a variety of recreation activities such as gardening, walking, baking, music, and visual and tactile sensory activities.
The Adult Day program operates Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm. Volunteer shifts range from one hour to three hours in length.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Adult Day Program, or would like to find out more information about the program, please contact Queens Manor at
(902) 354-3451.

Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program
at Dr. J.C. Wickwire School is recruiting volunteers for this school year. Approximately 1hour/week or every other week.
Sara Harding
Dental Hygienist - Public Health Services
175 School Street, Box 694
Liverpool, Nova Scotia, B0T 1K0
(902)354-7159/FAX (902) 354-3152

Youth Groups
Girl Guides of Canada
Women ages 18+ are needed as unit guiders. All that is required is enthusiasm, the ability to have fun and laugh, and a desire to make a difference in young girls' lives. Training, program material and support are provided. For further information please call the South Shore Guiding Community at 543-6244.

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