Tarleton’s Legion by Thomas H. Raddall
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Liverpool Tennis Club is located on Park Street in the middle of town. The club has both an adult and youth instructor and there are a variety of sessions this year for every age group. Unlike many other clubs the Liverpool Tennis Club does not charge additional fees for lessons, your membership covers all lesson fees.

The Tent Dwellers, a book by Albert Bigelow Paine, tells the story of a two-week canoe and trout fishing journey dreamed up by Paine's friend Eddie Breck and led by two Nova Scotia wilderness guides, Del Thomas and Charles Charleston. The book, published in 1908, reprinted at least twice, and more recently re-released in a centennial edition by Nova Scotia's Nimbus Publishing, has been lauded over the last century for its down to earth, sometimes poetic, always graphic, and realistic depiction of the ultimate wilderness paddling, fishing, and camping expedition. The Tent Dwellers was published four years prior to the prolific writer Paine's best-known work, the three-volume authorized biography of Mark Twain.
To reach the starting point of the canoe and trout fishing expedition, Paine and Breck travelled by steamer from Boston to Yarmouth, by train from Yarmouth to Annapolis Royal, and by horse and wagon to meet their guides. Over the course of 14 days as the foursome paddled and portaged to what Paine describes as the "edge of the unknown," dozens of trout were caught and consumed, and over 150 miles of wilderness lake and river water was explored and paddled.
The Tent Dwellers Centennial in 2008 was observed in the Region Of Queens with various events including a canoe trip along the same route.
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Thanksgiving At Keji Park - Campers fill the Jeremy Bay campground every Thanksgiving weekend at Kejimkujik National Park in North Queens to enjoy a variety of events including pumpkin displays and a cold turkey swim. The annual pumpkin carving award gala, with prizes for top carvers, is held on Sunday.

Three Sisters - Three particular boulders at the mouth the Mersey River, and used as a reference point during the days of sailing ships.

Port Mouton


, left to right, Joan Whynot, June Wagner, and Janet Whynot may be the only set of triplets ever born in Queens County. The baby girls were delivered April 2, 2, and 5 in 1947 to Allan and Ruth (Boland) Freeman of Mersey Point at Mrs. Robertson’s (a home on Bristol Avenue where many women gave birth to their children prior to the establishment of Queens General Hospital in Liverpool). The triplets still live in Liverpool, all on the same street, and spend every afternoon together. (Photo by James Grant)

Trillin, Calvin, well-known writer and part-time resident
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Turner, John William - Born in Dominica, West Indies, died on Great Hill, Brooklyn at the age of 118 on November 15, 1875 of “old age”, according to the records in Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics, 1875, Book 1814, page 74, Number 70.


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