Historic Little House - During the Golden Age Of Sail, Great Hill was home to many mariners including William Stoutley who died in 1891 at the age of 74. The William Stoutley house is the only dwelling of the large 1800s black community of Great Hill that is still used as a residence. It is now a rental property owned by Donnie and Joanne Uhlman. Although there have been exterior and interior changes over the decades, many interesting original features are still quite visible. To the right is an old 12-pane window. Below is a latched door to a room on the upper level. (Photos by Mary Mouzar)

In Sandy Cove, Some Memoirs Of My Boyhood by William Henry Smith of Liverpool, written in the 1940s, a chapter on William Stoutley begins with “Old Mr. William Stoutley had his home on the west side of Upper Great Hill Road, just above the first rise, in the house now occupied by Lambert Frellick.”
The book can be purchased at Queens County Museum.

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