Salvation Army Thrift Store, on Liverpoolís Waterfront Plaza, open 6 days, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays 12 noon to 4 pm.
Items are put out daily.

Sand Dollars are ocean animals related to the star fish and sea urchin and lives slightly buried in the sand in shallow coastal waters. The dried skeletons, up to a couple of inches in diameter, look like large white coins and are plentiful on some beaches. The living sand dollar resembles a fuzzy brown cookie.

Saunders, Margaret Marshall, author of Beautiful Joe, published in 1894, a book that sold more than a million copies. Born in Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia, in 1861, she was daughter of Rev. Edward Manning Saunders and his wife, Maria Freeman Saunders. She published a total of 23 books. She never married, but lived with her sister and a variety of pets, eventually settling in Toronto. When she died in 1947, a Saturday Night magazine tribute in March of that year lauded her as Canadaís most revered author. Tupper Park in Milton, beside the Mersey River, features a plaque in her honor.

School Closure Notices due to inclement weather and other reasons.

School Calendar
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Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal Dealer Randy Legge picks up, at no cost to you, old cars, stoves, washers, dryers, and oil barrels for recycling. He collects old appliances and oil barrels throughout the Region of Queens, and scrap cars in Queens, Shelburne, and Lunenburg Counties. Contact Randy Legge 642-0058 (cell) or 356-2036.


Seaman, Dr. Killem (Kal)
Dr. Killem (Kal) Seaman, MDCM, CRCS(C), FRCS(C) 1915-2008. Click here

Seely, Caleb - sea captain, privateer, shipowner, and merchant

Senior Citizens Clubs
Golden Years Group
meets at West Queens Recreation Centre, Port Mouton, 2 pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month, September to June. Anyone 55 years or older is welcome to come and play a variety of card and board games.


Sherman Hines Museum Of Photography
Photographer Sherman Hines, born in Liverpool, shares his large collection of photographic history including cameras and images. Admission $4, seniors $3, under age 6 free. Open May 15 to October 15 from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Also open on Sundays, during July and August, from noon until 5.30 pm.
219 Main Street, Liverpool, Ph. 354-2667



Ronís Trophy & Sign Shop
is located at 313 HWY 8, Milton, and offers trophies, plaques, ribbons, medals, name tags, plastic signs, office signs, civic signs, vehicle magnetic signs, commercial signs, vehicle lettering, banners, rubber stamps, bumper stickers, dog tags, etc. Personalized items include coasters, lighters, pens, wallets, purses, jewelry, dog tags, dog kerchiefs, bookmarks, puzzles, name tags, breadboards, clocks, clipboards, key chains, luggage tags, fridge magnets, etc. Hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  Phone (902)356-3077.
Free Noon Hour Skating, Queens Memorial Arena, Old Bridge Street Liverpool, every Tuesday and Thursday 12 noon to 1 pm from December to March for ages 17 and up. Sponsored by Region Of Queens Recreation Department.

Smith, Henry William - lawyer, judge, and politician

Snow, Hank
Hank Snow Country Music Centre
148 Bristol Avenue (former railway station)
Open daiuly from May to October, and during off-season by appointment or chance.
Phone 1-888-450-5525 or 354-4675

South Queens Chamber Of Commerce news and updates. Click here.

Spanish Influenza of 1918-1919 took its toll in Queens County.
Among those who died were:
William Frelick, 24, Western Head
Mabel Whynot, 9, Liverpool
Margaret Millard, 15, Liverpool
Etta Holland, 26, Bangs Falls
Virgil Jollimore, 3, Liverpool
Martha McGowan, 58, Hunts Point
Robert Smith, 28, Port Mouton
Hattie Whynot, 28, Liverpool
Alice Conrad, 17, Liverpool
Cora May Colp, 46, Eagle Head
Willard Colp, 19, Eagle Head
Leland Mansfield, 4, Westfield
Randolph Frail, 4, Westfield
Emma Clarke, 32, Liverpool
Roland Lohnes, 9 months, Liverpool
Florrie Whynot, 25, Liverpool
Evelyn Roy, 45, Liverpool
Lillian Black, 36, Liverpool
Ralph Mosher, 4, Pleasant River
Elizabeth Dalby, 2, Liverpool
Evelyn Gardner, 9, Brooklyn
Orethia Gardner, 2, Brooklyn
Bernard Hemeon, 39, West Berlin
Lois Hemeon, 48, West Berlin
William Boutilier, 18, Milton
Clarence Zwicker, 8 months, Middlewood
Joseph Francis, 1, Milton
Winnie Farmer, 2, Liverpool
Clarence Parnell,1, Middlefield
William Scobey, 40, Moose Harbour
Elton Freeman, 41, Milton
Frank Clattenburg, 47, Port Medway

website on the Spanish Influenza

Special Places In Queens
by John G. Leefe DCL
Approximately 34705 ha or about 12.7 percent of Queens County land consists of special places protected by all three levels of government, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. This may well be one of the highest percentages of protected land in any county of Nova Scotia.

Spectacle Island
Land grant petition

- Greenfield Dragway
Tennis, Liverpool Tennis Court, free lessons for members. Students $75, Adults $100, Family $200
For more info. Contact Dave Schofield 354-4454 or Jack Fancy 354-7216


Stoutley House - The only house of the large black community in the 1800s of Great Hill that is still used as a residence is that which was built and occupied by William Stoutley. Click here to view pictures.



SUPPERS (Church, Community)

Logan, John #374
RR #2,
Caledonia, NS
B0T 1B0
Tel: 682-2807
Fax: 682-2903

Ross, William #515
RR #2,
Caledonia, NS
B0T 1B0
Tel: 682-2460
Fax: 682-2460

Whynot, Mark #615
PO Box 114,
Liverpool, NS
B0T 1K0
Tel: 354-5182 (W)
Tel: 354-2891 (H)
Fax: 354-3949

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