Computers & Anything Related (working and non-working)
Brenda Cunningham

Hoggies Buy & Sell

Queens Freecycle Queens Freecycle is open to all who want to recycle something rather than throw it away. Old chair or fax machine? Feel free to post it on the website, and look for items being offered by others that you might be able to use.. Nonprofit groups are encouraged to participate!

Electronics Recycles Mobile Service The drop-off locations prepare the unwanted electronics for transportation to a consolidation centre in Nova Scotia where the material will be sorted and shipped to approved and audited recyclers.
Liverpool Corkum Bottle Exchange 4886 White Point Rd., Saturdays, 9 am - 2 pm 640-3117
Following is the list of products:
Computers ncludes Central Processing Units (CPUs), mice, keyboards, cables and other components within the computer. This includes desktop computers, desktop computers acting as servers, and all bundled keyboards and cabling.
Computer Peripherals ncludes both wired and wireless manual input devices such as keyboards and/or pointing devices such as mice and trackballs.
Portable Computers includes portable computers such as notebook, laptop, netbook and tablet PCs.
Desktop Printers includes printing devices that are designed to reside on a work surface, and includes various printing technologies, including Laser & LED (electrophotographic), ink jet, dot matrix, thermal, dye sublimation and “multifunction” devices that may copy, scan, fax, or print. Standalone desktop scanners and fax machines are also included in this category.
Display Devices - Any display device for displaying images from computers and/or televisions, including professional displays. This includes various display technologies, such as traditional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), flat panel (LCD and plasma) or rear projection.
Personal Or Portable Audio/Video Systems includes portable devices primarily for personal use including docking speakers; portable stereos/tape players/radios; personal CD players, portable audio recorders/portable tape/radio players; headphones; MP3 players; solid state voice recorders; digital cameras and video cameras/camcorders.
Vehicle Audio/Videa Systems includes car stereo amplifiers, equalizers, speakers and in-dash audio/video components.
Home Theatre In A Box (HTB) Systems includes pre-packaged speaker/amplifier systems for use with any manner of video or television display to create a home theatre experience.
Home Audio/Video Systems includes VCRs and DVD players; mini/mid/full size package systems; single/multi CD players; clock radios; digital cable equipment; satellite cable equipment; speakers (home speakers; home theatre speakers and multi-media speakers), amplifiers, receivers, data projectors and similar audio/video systems.
Non-Cellular Telephones includes wire telephones; cordless telephones and telephone answering machines.

Scrap Metal Dealer Randy Legge picks up, at no cost to you, old cars, stoves, washers, dryers, and oil barrels for recycling. He collects old appliances and oil barrels throughout the Region of Queens, and scrap cars in Queens, Shelburne, and Lunenburg Counties. Contact Randy Legge 642-0058 (cell) or 356-2036.

Salvation Army Thrift Store, Liverpool, accepts good clean clothes, bedding, books, dishes, small appliances and furniture, footwear, etc. Phone 354-4144.

The VON in Liverpool accepts used computer ink cartridges for which they receive $2 each.

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