QCCR Gets Some Good News
QCCR-FM (Queen's County Community Radio) got some good news on Friday May 22, 2009, sort of.
The station had been scheduled for a CRTC hearing later this coming week in Halifax but was informed that it didn't have to appear.
"That is usually a very positive sign," says Alex J. Walling, general manager of the station.
Walling has appeared before CRTC on many occasions but they have been competitive hearings.
"If you are in a competing application (two or more applicants wanting a station as is the case at this hearing as the owners of CKBW, Bridgewater will via for a Halifax frequency with two other stations) you have to appear. If someone is objecting to your application you have to appear. Most of the times you must appear in front of the commission this is an exception."
Once in a while, if a station has no one objecting to it, and has done its work in preparing for the license, the commission will deal with it as a 'non-appearing' matter.
Over the past few years CRTC has, for small low power radio stations, chosen to deal with them without a full hearing if everything in their presentation which includes technical and programming is satisfactory to the commission.
It is highly unlikely that the CRTC would turn down the QCCR application without hearing from them.
"I know of at least three stations in the past few years that were told they didn't have to appear at a hearing and all of them got their license," says Alex J.
Walling was involved in the Parrsboro Community station application last year and they were told not to appear and a few months later got their station.
But a license is not official until the CRTC says so and a decision could be three to six months away.
"Usually the commission takes in the entire hearing and renders decisions on the hearings at the same time. But, not having to appear and state and defend our case is a good thing. It means the CRTC have no questions for us and is satisfied with our application."
Regardless, the QCCR general manager says nothing is certain until the CRTC issues a license.
"One simply never knows. There is always the possibility that they may change their mind and put us back on another hearing. In other words, it is good news but we still have to wait until we hear that QCCR has a full time license."
That application was nearly 400 pages and contained over 300 letters and emails of support from the area.
"I have no doubt the CRTC was very impressed with the community support for this radio station. It has emails, letters, petitions and a declaration from the regional municipality that unanimously supported QCCR in getting a license. Community support is a very big item with the commission," says Walling.
In the meantime QCCR hopes to have the "28-Special Events Licenses" for the summer months as this time of the year is filled with many events. "We have LRHS Graduation, Privateer Days, Seafest Days, etc.which should carry us till September. By then we may have some good news," says the QCCR GM.

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