QC Amateur Radio Club

Liverpool, N.S.
March 18, 1973

On March 18, 1973 at 8:30 p.m. the Queens County and area hams met at Stenpro after many weeks of planning which included a home visit to each amateur by a carload of interested hams determined to have the dreams of an amateur radio club for this area come about.

Chairing the meeting VE 1 RL, Walt asked for nominations to fill the executive positions. The following were elected to fill the executive positions:

President -                  VE 1 IV,  F.A. Fulton (Albert)
Vice-President             VE 1 RL, J.W. Fraelic (Walt)
Secretary-Treasurer      VE 1 FV, H.J. Henderson (Howard)

The executive immediately swung into action. The first item to be dealt with was the naming of our club. By vote it was decided to name the club the “QUEENS COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB” with a mailing address of P.O. Box 205, Liverpool, N.S.
The decision was made to meet once a month on the third Sunday at 8:00 p.m. at the Stenpro conference room, the next meeting scheduled for April 15, 1973.

The following amateurs were present for our first meeting, a total of 12 of our total population of 16.  VE 1 AMX, RL, AOC, 3FVC, AAK, LB, ABP, FV, AA, IV, TN and W1RHA/VE 1.  Absent were:  VE 1 QP, ABB, LR and ATH.

Our president asked for a discussion of the aims and objectives of our new club.    Following were a few of the aims and objectives:
1.To get our non-active area amateurs back on the air.
2.To attract members and introduce new blood in our club as associate members who with our help will work towards the goal of attaining an amateur ticket.
3.Emergency communications ready and alert for the unexpected.
4.To make the public aware that we exist  

The subject of drawing up our constitution was discussed and during the next month it is hoped that information in this regard may be gathered from other clubs. This information will be used as a guideline when the subject of our constitution is further discussed at our April meeting.

Other subjects discussed were the training of new members, yearly outings, helping other amateurs, the possibility of a Club call sign and a news letter.

It was agreed that all members be alerted by telephone the Saturday before our regular monthly meeting as a reminder.

The matter of the 1973 ARRL Field Day was discussed. It was agreed that the call sign VE 1 AA/ operating at last years location at Broad River be used again this year.

The following committee was formed to deal with the 1973 Field Day:

Power  - VE1 FV
Tower and rotator -  VE1 TN
Antennas and Equipment - VE1 LB, RL, AAK, ATH
Food - VE1 AA, ABP

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m

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