Queens County has a rich and colorful history of seafaring, particularly in the 1700s and 1800s.
Two famous privateering vessels were the Liverpool Packet and the Liverpool Rover.
Liverpool Packet (The following were listed in Armand Wigglesworth's Anecdotes Of Queens County, Volume II):
Enos Collins, Halifax, owner
Joseph Allison, Halifax, owner
Caleb Seeley, Liverpool, privateersman
Benjamin Knaut, privateersman
John Barss, privateersman
James Barss, privateersman
John Patch, crew
Samuel Freeman, crew
Siphorus Cole, crew
Samuel Pool, crew
Benjamin Freeman, crew,
Isaac Allan, crew
Seth Freeman, crew
Eli Page, crew
William Richardson, crew
Harris Prnetis, crew
Lodowich Smith, crew
Thomas Freeman Smith, crew
Smith Roberts, crew
Isiah Barss, crew
John Miles, crew
Cornelius Knowles
Lewis Knaut
James S. Clements
Joseph Barnaby
James Dexter
Charles W. Shea
Malachi Freeman
William Cook
John Morine
Henry Crooks
Benjamin Harrington
Alex Cameron
William Thomas
Theodosius Ford
Eldred Nickerson

Liverpool Rover
Alexander "Big Alex" Godfrey
Snow Parker

Inventory Of Articles
Required To Outfit
The Larger Privateers
The following list appeared in Janet Mullins book Some Chronicles of Liverpool:
Cannon balls, bullets, grape-shot, gun powder
Paper, flannel and sheet lead for making cartridges
Sweet oil and black lead for gun lubricants
Barrels of handcuffs for prisoners
Match rope and priming wires for the cannon and muskets
Grappling hooks and grapnel chains for seizing the enemy after running alonside
Gaff chains for slinging the spars overhead, so that they would not come tumbling down, if the
           halliards were shot away
Tomahawks, harpoons, lancers, boarding pikes and hatchets, for hand-to-hand fighting
Flints for the pistols and muskets
Lanthorns or lanterns
Lime to keep the water casks sweet
Bolts of canvas and palms and needles, for the privateer made and repaired her sails at sea
Many cords of wood.

Provisions For Privateers
Preserved meats like tongues
Ship's biscuits
Loaves of break baked on board from time to time

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