Paint Spring is reportedly near Broad River in West Queens where it is said old timers brought buckets to dip out some of the pink liquid with which to paint their barns. The “paint” supposedly “wore like steel”.
It was likely to have been brown ochre, partly hydrated iron oxide (rust).

Painted Rooms
Link: to page with pictures and request for information about this old art.

Parker, Snow - mariner, businessman, politician, militia officer, judge, and justice of peace

Parlee Manufacturing Company
produces a full line of high quality, outdoor gear, from tough back packs and bags to durable seats and cases. Click here.

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park offers camping, hiking, picnics and exploring nature's resorts. More...

Payzant, John, New Light Congregational minister and tanner

Perkins, Simeon - businessman, office holder, judge, politician, militia officer, and diarist


Barb’s Photography
Tammi Hayne Photography
Taryn Jollimore

Port Joli Community Hall
became a municipal heritage property in 2009 with a ceremony being held on August 19 when a plaque was unveiled by Mayor John Leefe and president of the Port Joli Community Association, Ada Frank. In the 1800s, the upper level of the building served as a temperance hall that included a breathalyzer in the form a simple hole in the door into which members had to breath before being admitted.

Port Medway Lighthouse Park, along with its 1899 lighthouse was recognized 2009 as a municipal heritage site.
Video by Paul Moreau of Port Medway Park during Hurricane Juan, 2003.
Port Medway Writers Festival

Port Mouton
History - Tarleton’s Legion by Thomas H. Raddall

Port Mouton Bay
Friends Of Port Mouton Bay

Port Mouton Island
Pictures, history, memories of people who lived on the island.

Post Office
Hunts Point - Postmaster Felicia Roy-Fisher, route mail carrier Marilyn Wamboldt. Office hours Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 2.30 pm; Saturday
9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Phone 683-2021.

Post Masters
Black Point/Mersey Point (name changed to Mersey Point in 1923)
George A. Shand 1882 to 1892
William Shand 1892-1898
John Munroe 1899-1922
Lewis A. Huphman 1922-1949
Miss Marion Letitia Smith - 1949 (year it closed)

Powell, Luke - A prominent nature photographer, known particularly for his outstanding images of Afghanistan, who came several years ago to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, where he continues to reside. Click here.

Privateer Air Cadets - 545 Privateer Air Cadet Squadron training sessions, for youth from ages 12 to 18, begin each September in Milton Community Centre. Air cadets offers free registration, training facilities and uniforms for all members.

Privateer Days, held the first weekend of July, is an annual celebration of the privateering era of the late 18th century in the Region Of Queens Municipality, centering on the Town of Liverpool, no longer a town, but still the largest community in this area. The event highlights history and culture of the area through music, theatre, guided tours and historical re-enactments. The event celebrates our maritime history, acknowledges Liverpool’s cultural and commercial history, and builds an enduring sense of community. Privateer Days brings our history alive, inviting residents and visitors from near and far to step back in time to 1780 to the height of privateering. Through battle re-enactments, costumed tours of the town and Old Burial Ground, dory races and entertainment featuring local performers, participants learn about the town’s commerce, architecture, and maritime past, including the successful privateers that grew to wealth and fame defending the Crown.

Privateer Days Volunteers
Privateer Days, held the first weekend of July,is always seeking volunteers to help with the major celebration. For more information visit their Website

Public Market is located in the parking lot overlooking the Mersey River in Liverpool. A stall can be rented for $7 per day or $15 per week.
LINK: Information For Vendors on Region Of Queens

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