Neil Dobson

Dobson, Neil - The Liverpool musician was a regular on the Toronto club circuit for years with various original bands. He has done countless sessions across Canada for artists from around the world; on stage and in studio. In 1993,he co-wrote a song with Chris Kearney and Scott Lane called A Letter From Sarajevo to help with Red Cross efforts during the war in Sarajevo. Song and video were produced with many Canadian artists singing/playing including Tom Cochrane, Ian Thomas, Rik Emmett, Murray MacLaughlin, Sylvia Tyson, Molly Johnson and others. After years of working on others music; now this...Fabulous Hats! The album was recorded partially at his home studio and mostly at Feswick Productions in Summerville Centre, with Tim Feswick co-producing. Also, many local musicians took part in the recording including Cameron Dexter, George Rhyno, John Bird and Kent Atchison, as well as others from Halifax and Toronto.
Neil has a bustling My Space website
http://www.myspace.com/neildobsonandthefabuloushats with visitors from all over the world.
“I get asked a lot - why Fabulous Hats? Well I like a lot of styles of music and the Fabulous Hats name comes from the old saying ‘He wears many hats’. I guess musically, I like to wear a few," says Neil.
Neil also has a song from the CD being released out of the UK on a "Best of Indie Music" CD compilation, on June 30, 2008.
The CD is available for purchase at Primrose Computers, The Hank Snow Country Music Centre and at the show,or from Neil.

Fabulous Hats debut CD features 12 originals with a classic rock vibe, almost as though it is an artifact from a lost 1970s recording session with Gram Parsons and Keith Richards with Dick Dale chiming in on the odd track. Chief songwriter Neil Dobson weaves a number of influences through the self-penned tunes and while he doesn’t reinvent the wheel here, he does add new rims and flashy hubcaps to give the disc’s classic sound some spark. The opening track, Where’s My Yesterday, already sounds like a hit for country radio; it’s as catchy and lyrically deft as anything on the country charts while Shake Shake and Rainclouds Burst both have infectious choruses that stick in the ear long after the CD player has been switched off. The wistful quality to the lyrics and vocals of I Fall for You, is nicely offset by the raucous surf rock inspired Dick’s Descent in this record that wears its varied inspirations proudly on its sleeve. - Richard Crouse - National movie critic (Canada AM, Rogers Television’s “Reel to Real” and Liverpudlian

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