North Atlantic Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBET), identifying and interdicting illegal entry of goods or persons. Examples: firearms, illegal weapons, counterfeit goods, cigarettes, liquor, undeclared currency and illegal drugs, using high speed vessels, pleasure craft, fishing vessels, cargo containers, aircraft, commercial trucking.
Ordinary citizens can help by reporting any suspicious activity by phoning 1-888-455-IBET or after hours 1-800-803-7267.
Marine indicators to watch for:
Vessels arriving/departing out of season.
Smaller vessels meeting larger vessels.
Vessels not displaying any home port information or name.
Unusual activity around vessels (ex: people coming and going all hours of the night)
Vessels operating at night without navigational lights.
Vessels riding low in the water or with false painted water lines.
Vessels changing course to avoid other marine traffic.
Vessels anchored in remote area for no apparent reason.
Vessels have additional fuel capacity (ex: Jerry can or extra tanks and a zodiac)
Unusual travel patterns that differ from regular pleasure craft or fishing vessel schedules.
Cash payments for equipment fuel, repairs, property, etc.
Technological equipment not consistent with pleasure craft activity (ex: high end ratio equipment, scanners, multiple radars).
Persons aboard vessel are evasive and keep to themselves.
Reluctance to leave vessel unattended or other unusual security measures.

North Queens
North Queens Statistics include Caledonia, Harmony Mills, Hibernia, Kempt, Lakeview, Low Landing, Meagher, Mount Merrit, New Grafton, North Brookfield, North Queens, Northfield, Pleasant River, South Brookfield, West Caledonia, Westfield, Whiteburn Mines

North Queens Heritage Society website with details on attractions, heritage, genealogy, services, and communities.

Nova Scotia Pulp Mill was built in 1880 on the Medway River, at Salterís Falls. The   location may still be seen on Riverside Drive, where there are a couple of cement buildings, a canal and a dam, on the opposite side of the river of the Teleglobe Canada complex.

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