The Mysterious Cliffs Of Spectacle Island in Port Mouton Bay were visible periodically around noon when Barry Mouzar took these pictures from our deck here in Hunts Point. We’ve seen the same sight several times, not only on this island but along the Port Mouton and Southwest Port Mouton coast, as well as at the horizon where some of the large ships appear to be floating in the air. The above scene of cliffs is known as a Fata Morgana mirage in which distant objects and features at the horizon appear as spikes, turrets or towers, objects with great vertical exaggeration rising from the surface. For more on such optical phenomena, click here.
Note: Back in the 1700’s, Simeon Perkin’s, in his diary, reported someone having seen a ship floating in the sky in the Bay of Fundy area. We’ve also seen mirages in the Bay Of Fundy and expect that’s what was being viewed a couple of centuries ago.

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