Mack, Samuel, brother of the grandfather to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., is buried in the Old Port Medway Cemetery which was designated a municipal historical site in 2009. Born in Connecticut in 1736, Mack married his second wife Desiah/Desire Cahoon in Liverpool in 1766 after the death of his first wife. A successful businessman with a lot of influence in the county, he died in 1783 and his tombstone is the oldest in the cemetery. His older brother, Solomon was born in Connecticut in 1732 and lived in Queens County from 1783 to 1787 but was hurt financially after a shipwreck near Port Medway. His last child, Lucy, born to his wife the former Lydia Gates, married Joseph Smith, Sr., in Vermont in 1796. Their son, Joseph Smith, Jr., born in 1805, organized the church in 1830.

MADD (Motherís Against Drunk Driving), website of Lunenburg-Queens chapter.

McAlpine, John - office holder, surveyor, and businessman

McClearn, Matthew
captain, merchant, ship owner, and politician

MacLeod, G. Cameron MacLeod
, born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, the younger son of Dr. Lloyd and Marjorie MacLeod, was one of 32 men who lost their lives in a crash of a Panarctic Electra aircraft CF PAB which was attempting to land at an oil exploration site on an Arctic island but was  two miles short of the runway, crashing into icy waters at Rae Point, near Melville Island, Northwest Territories, at 2.30 am on October 30, 1974. The flight, Pan Arctic Oil #416, had left Edmonton International Airport with 30 passengers and four crew. The passengers, employed by several different firms, were on their way to their drilling rigs after spending two weeks leave with their families. The aircraft was a Lockheed 188PF Electra, registration C-FPAB.
Click here to view the crash memorial.

McPhearson, John - schoolteacher and poet


Medway Fire Services
For many years, various rural volunteer fire services along the Medway River within the Region of Queens have been serving their individual communities with distinction. Members of each service, though busy with their own private lives, make regular time to train for and attend a variety of emergencies that occur with regularity.  In addition, they dedicate a fair amount of their time to raising funds which comprise a good proportion of each department's annual operating budget. These community minded people collectively form a cornerstone of their rural community; they are people on whom we have come to depend but who we should never take for granted.
The rural volunteer fire services of Charleston, Greenfield, Mill Village, and Port Medway, all lie along the Medway River. Each possesses among their members a wealth of knowledge that in normal circumstances would not be available to the rest of us. Thanks to the wonders of the internet though, and thanks to an initiative by members of the Mill Village and District Volunteer Fire Department, some of that knowledge can now be shared.
A web site profiling all things fire related, focused on the Medway River area: 
While the site is still being developed, there is now too much value in its contents to wait for its total completion before sharing it with the Medway River area residents and beyond.
While Mill Village has taken a lead in producing this site, all of the involved departments are, over time, developing their own local material which will be posted as it comes to fruition.
In the meantime, Queens County residents may benefit from the information that has been developed to date and can follow as the site grows to keep them better informed.
Up until now much of the activity of each volunteer fire service has been reported through the age old medium of posters on doors and pillars, or by word of mouth. Now, we here in Queens can follow this project, learn from its content and, hopefully, better support the many people who we depend on daily to give us protection and peace of mind.  Residents are asked to bookmark the Medway River Fire Departments' site, visit it regularly and, where possible, support their fire services by doing their own part toward fire prevention and giving financial support to their local department's fund raising efforts according to their ability.
-Don Whynot, Chief, Mill Village And District Volunteer Fire Service

Mersey Heritage Society
Click here

Mersey Lodge -
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Mersey Paper Company

Mersey Point Crafts -
Roger VanNorden and Liz Schnareís website features their creations including Rogerís functional canes and walking sticks and Lizís paintings. Click here.

Mersey Point Fish Products, a decades old business of the Mutsaeers family offers smoked mackerel, herring, haddock, salmon and trout; marinated solomon gundy, herring tidbits, herring in wine sauce, etc. for retailers but it also has a factory outlet open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 4.30 pm at their plant, 36 Breakwater Lane, Port Mouton, Nova Scotia B0T 1T0.

Mersey River
Mersey Seafoods

Miíkmaq Interpretative Centre
more in The Advance...

Mill Village
Teleprinter Invented 1882
Population: 1,170
Fire Service:
Mill Village Fire Association


Milton Canoe & Camera Club

The Mysterious Cliffs Of Spectacle Island in Port Mouton Bay are visible periodically around noon in the warmer months. This strange sight is also seen along the Port Mouton and Southwest Port Mouton coast, as well as at the horizon where some of the large ships appear to be floating in the air. It is known as a Fata Morgana mirage in which distant objects and features at the horizon appear as spikes, turrets or towers, objects with great vertical exaggeration rising from the surface. For more on such optical phenomena, click here.
Note: Back in the 1700ís, Simeon Perkinís, in his diary, reported someone having seen a ship floating in the sky in the Bay of Fundy area. Weíve also seen mirages in the Bay Of Fundy and expect thatís what was being viewed a couple of centuries ago.
Link: To pictures of
mirage in Port Mouton Bay

Moore, Brian, was among well-known persons who spent at least part of each year in Queens County. Area resident,Ted Dickie, reported: Brian Moore, like Calvin Trillan, summered in our area for many years. He twice won the Governor Generals Award for fiction. Still have a copy of the New York Times Sophisticated Traveler with an article by Moore extolling the beauties of our area. It included a large colour photo of the Blacksmith Shop in Milton and one of the church in Beach Meadows. That shot was taken from the vicinity of my camp looking across the creek to the church. Brian Moore was a good writer: Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, Luck of Ginger Coffey, Black Robe, Lies of Silence and The Statement. In 2003, The Statement was made into a movie by Norman Jewison starring Michael Caine. Caine was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role. I dont know if Brian Moores wife still comes here in the summer. I believe their summer place was around West Berlin. The rest of there year was spent in Malibu, California. - Ted Dickie
BBC obituary for Brian Moore
Robert Fulford column on Brian Moore
Canadian Encyclopedia

Morris, Charles - army officer, officeholder, and judge

Morton, Silvanus, merchant, shipowner, and politician

Motor Vehicle Registration In Nova Scotia - Information and forms. Click here.

A Mural On the Liverpool Home Hardware Store, depicting historical scenes from the areaís past, was painted in the early 1990s, by Matt Cupido, a Dutch painter who was residing in Canning, Nova Scotia.

Miíkmaq Interpretative Centre
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Queens County Museum, 109 Main Street Liverpool.Website.

Multiple Sclerosis Self Help Group meets the second Tuesday of each month 12-2 pm, Superstore Committee Room, Liverpool. New members welcome. For info call June MacDonald 683-2868


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