Labelle in North Queens is part of what is known as “cottage country” where there are many recreational homes bordering the waterways.

List of lakes in Region Of Queens. Click here

Leefe, John G.
, mayor of the Region Of Queens and former MLA for the area.
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Thomas H. Raddall Library
, 145 Old Bridge Street Liverpool, 354-5270
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 am to 5 pm
Saturdays and Sundays, 12 Noon to 4 pm
Under the Story Tree story time sessions for children of all ages and their parents/caregivers Thursday mornings at the Thomas H. Raddall Library in Liverpool. Please reserve your spot today by calling the library

Lighthouses In The Region Of Queens - Click here
Coffin Island Light -
Aerial photos
Fort Point Light -
Aerial photos
Medway Head Light-
Aerial photos
Port Medway Light -
Aerial photos
Port Mouton Light -
Aerial photos
Western Head Light -
Aerial photos

Lions Radio Bingo
on CKBW Radio, 7 pm every Wednesday with money raised to serve community of Queens. Bingo cards available for purchase at a number of retail outlets in Queens.

Liverpool, largest community in the Region of Queens Munipality. In 1759, Governor Charles Lawrence issued a warrant of survey to John Dogget, Elisha Freeman, Samuel Doggett, and Thomas Foster, and others of the township of Liverpool. The following year, in 1760, Capt. Silvanus Cobb brought the first group of settlers from New England.
250th Anniversary - Founded in 1759, Liverpool celebrated its 250th birthday in 2009.
Picture: 1910 Main Street.
Click here.
Liverpool Area
Statistics includes Beach Meadows, Bristol, Brooklyn, Eagle Head, East Berlin, Great Hill, Liverpool, Mersey Point, Milton, Moose Harbour, Moose Hill, Mount Pleasant, Sandy Cove, West Berlin, Western Head.
Liverpool Street Names
Amherst Street
Bristol Avenue
Church Street
Court Street
Enos Collins Drive, east end of Waterloo Street, was named after a seaman, merchant, financier and legislator.
George Street
Gorham Street
Henry Hensey Drive
Jubilee Street
Lawrence Street
Wolfe Street

Liverpool Curling Club news and information. Click here.

Liverpool Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. New members always welcome to be part of “We Serve” in the community. Contact a Lions Club member.

Link: pictures, lobster chowder recipe

Lobster Season
along the coast of Queens runs from the last Monday in November until the last day of May.

Locke, Dr. Howard Locke more...

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