Names, and links to more information about those with patented inventions

Brooks, William, submarine engineer and contractor, Liverpool, Nova Scotia (1893)
Dredging Machine

, John, a farmer, Harmony, Queens County, Nova Scotia (1876)
Spinning Wheel (Improvement)

Chisholm, John W., Liverpool, Nova Scotia (1888)
Coupling Of Railway Cars

Churchill, Albert, a cabinet maker, Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia (1876)
Carriage Jack

Condon, Daniel, a ship’s carpenter, Port Medway (1877)
Sky Lights (Improvements)

Creed, Frederick G., born in Mill Village

, Thomas R., mechanic, Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia (1891)
Car Coupler

Mailman, Albert, citizen, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada (1890)
Car Coupler

Morton, Silvanus, a merchant, Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia
Device To Assist To Put On And Take Off Coats, etc. (1883)

Parker, David Otho, Baptist Church minister, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, invented the following in the 1870s. Click the item to view the original documents including the drawings of these inventions.
Acadian Cradle, improvement on cradles
Bed Clothes Holder, a machine for fastening the bedclothes on the beds of children and restless adults.
Excursion Chair
  Combined Child’s High Chair And Work Stand
Combined Chair & Cane
Folding Wash Stand
Combined Folding Cot, Settee and Invalid’s Table
Folding Nursery Chair
Combination Rocking Horse, Carriage, Sled, High Chair and Step-Ladder

Seely, Edwin Collins, a ship owner, Port Medway, Queens County, Nova Scotia, invented the following in the 1870s.
Compression Pump
Mast Ball

Tower, George H., steam engineer, Molega, Queens County, Nova Scotia (1892)
Globe Valve
Check Valve

Wright, Jerauld G. Wright, born in Liverpool, August 31, 1917,
member of
Aviation Hall of Fame, invented and patented 30 navigational devices

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