Habitat For Humanity South Shore Chapter/Queens Build Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in Liverpool Lions Hall at 7 pm. People in the community are needed to become build managers, site foreman, and safety committee leaders.

Hank Snow Country Music Centre
148 Bristol Avenue (former railway station) Liverpool
Open daily from May to October, and during off-season by appointment or chance.
Phone 1-888-450-5525 or 354-4675
Lyrics to Hank Snow songs. Click here

Harrison Lewis Centre, Sandy Bay, on the shores of East Port LíHebert, offers variety of lectures and workshops.
Click here.

Hatt's Black Hereford Farm,
199 Milford Street, Milton, offers frozen home raised turkeys at $2.50 per pound and local frozen freezer meats for $2. pound. They also sell sides and quarters of beef, cut and wrapped. Front quarter $2. lb (stew meat, roasts, ribs, and hamburg), hind quarter $2.85 per pound (main grilling steaks, stew meat, ribs, roasts and hamburg),
side $2.25 lb.(mixture of everything).
Phone 354-2983. There is usually someone around in the mornings 10 am to 12 noon, then again in the afternoon at 4 pm. On weekends there is always someone around.

Hazelcar - When Eric and Ruth Hazeldine of England moved to Liverpool, Nova Scotia in 1952, they brought with them one of the unique little automobiles that Eric and his brother Roy had designed and built. To see the story and pictures, visit the Hazelcar website. The car was a common sight parked at their home, Dene Manor, on Bristol Avenue, and along the route to Bowater Mersey Paper Company where Eric was an engineer and later mill manager

Health Card For Nova Scotians - Eligibility, moving and travel, fact sheets and forms, contact info, etc. Click here.

Hensey, Henry
Link: To view pictures, memories




Holidays & Observances (2010)
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Feb 2 Groundhog Day
Feb 14 Valentine's Day
Mar 8 Commonwealth Day
Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day
Apr 2 Good Friday
Apr 4 Easter Sunday
Apr 5 Easter Monday
Apr 9 Vimy Ridge Day
May 24 Victoria Day
Jul 1 Canada Day
Sep 6 Labour Day
Oct 11 Thanksgiving Day
Oct 31 Halloween
Nov 11 Remembrance Day
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Christmas
Dec 26 Boxing Day
Dec 31 New Year's Eve

Queens County Minor Hockey Association website

Hoggies Buy & Sell
(see Buy & Sell or Furniture)

Picture: Horses
at Liverpool railway station 1920.
Click here.

Cobb House, Liverpool
Campbell House, Sandy Cove Road

Hunts Point
Picture of Wharf
in 1961s. Click here
Picture of Wharf
, 2, in 1961. Click here
Picture Of Beach and Wharf 1920s. Click here.

Hurricane Bill on August 3, 2009, was not much of a wind and rain event but it churned up the ocean, resulting in damage and erosion along the coast of the Region Of Queens. Tides at the time were high (over 2 meters) and the waves caused by the storm, slammed into the shoreline, destroying the causeway at Western Head, moving some buildings off their foundations, and flooding low-lying areas and basements. Road culverts were washed out. The boardwalk at Hunts Point Beach was destroyed.

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