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Davison, Edward Doran, born in Mill Village, Queens County, Nova Scotia, on June 10, 1819,, owned one of the largest lumber businesses in Canada. The founder of the Davison lumber business was also a politician, elected by the Liberals to the provincial legislature as a member for Queens County in 1854. During the last pre-Confederation decade, he was present in the house during the prominent days of Johnstone, Howe and Young. Though he was defeated for re-election by Sir Charles Tupper, he did not relinquish his involvement in politics. He continued, until his death, to be a strong supporter and influential Liberal in both the counties of Lunenburg and Queens. In 1865, after destructive forest fires ravaged most of Queens County, he moved to Bridgewater. He first bought out the Glenwood mill property, then principally owned by Captain Whyman. This became the beginning of an empire known as E. D. Davison and Sons. In 1868, Mr. Davison built his second mill, located on the LaHave River about one quarter mile below his first mill. After his second mill he continued to purchase property and old mill sites. Over the years he acquired, the Sumerside (Dayspring) property, the mills at Alpena, Cook's mills and Silver's Falls, widening his business into Mill Village and Port Medway.

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Denys, Nicolas - one of the leading figures in Acadia for over half of the 17th century

Dexter, Darrell, born in Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia, the son of Elvin and Florence Dexter, he was elected premier of Nova Scotia in 2009.

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Doggett, John, was largely responsible for the settlement of Liverpool, and for the first large migration to the town in 1760. In 1764, he was appointed justice of the inferior court of common pleas for the county, justice of peace, and an officer of the militia. As a magistrate, he had the title, �esquire�. Born in Massachusetts in 1724, he died on Port Mouton Island (known as Doggett�s Island) in 1772.
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