Bluenose Sailor

Names Of People Included In Bluenose Sailor
by W. H. Smith, compiled by T. Brenton Smith, first bound in 1943 as an original and two carbon copies.
In 2007, 125 copies were published by his niece, Jean E. Smith, with all proceeds going to Queens County Museum.

Allen, Herbert
Anderson, Andrew
Andy, William
Annis, Francis
Annis, Joseph
Bennett, Aldolphus
Boutilier, Leander
Boutilier, Lee
Boutilier, Freeman
Broadfield, Joe
Brooks, George
Brooks, William
Butler, Bill
Butler, Daniel
Butler, Patrick
Butler, Robert
Carr, Paddy
Churchill, George
Conrad, Jim
Conrad, Mike
Cook, Henry
Corby, Adam
Corby, John
Cusick, Joseph
Day, Captain Eldred
Day, Isaac
Day, Captain Thomas
Dexter, Captain Edwin
Dexter, Isaac
Dexter, John Alfred
Dexter, Captain Joseph Harris
Downey, Bill
Downey, Daniel
Fader, Sol
Feener, Arthur
Feener, Henry
Fernandez, Captain Emanuel
Fralic, Ambrose
Fraelic, Will
Francis, Robert (Bob)
Francis, Stephen
Freeman, Will
Gardner, Captain Blanchard
Gardner, Fred
Gardner, Captain Jason
Gidion, William
Godfrey, Captain Edgar
Godfrey, Milford (Midge)
Gold, Tommy
Goodwin, Boody
Goodwin, Charles
Goodwin, Ned
Goodwin, Will
Grant, John
Grant, Patsy
Green, John
Gumms, Urias
Hagen, George
Hamlen, J. C.
Harnish, Robert
Harrington, John Will
Hemeon, Win
Hensey, Jim
Hicks, Doraval
Hicks, Fannie
Hicks, Captain John
Hicks, Samuel
Horne, Jacob
Hines, Jerry
Hunt, Maude (Mrs. Robie)
Hutt, Captain John
Inness, Joseph
Jennings, Jim
Johnson, George
Jollimore, Hiram
Jones, Harry
Keddy, Caleb
Keddy, Tom
Kempton, Captain Samuel
Leslie, James
Lewis, Adolphus
Lohnes, Arthur
Lohnes, Jacob
Luby, Bill
Mack, Herbert
Malone, John
Manthorne, Captain James
Martin, Amos
Martin, Samuel
McCoombs, Sammy
McGowan, David
McGuire, Neil
McLeod, Brenton
McLeod, Captain Enos
McLeod, Captain Jim
MacLeod, George
Merry, Simon
Millard, John
Minard, Frank LeMont (Mont)
Mitchener, Mrs. Rufus
More, Jim
Morrell, Captain
Morrison, Ned
Morrison, Sandy
Morse, Snow
Mulhall, Captain John
Mullins, Gus
Munroe, Nat
Murray, Jim
Myra, Henry
Neil, Charlie
Neville, Richard
Nickerson, Allie
Nickerson, Will Law
Page, Enos
Parsons, Charlie
Payzant, Ned
Payne, Will
Purdy, Annie (married Capt. Blanchard Gardner)
Rafuse, Charlie
Rafuse, Captain Ephraim
Rafuse, John
Randlett, Captain John
Reece, John
Reinhardt, Captain Harry
Reinhardt, Johnstone
Richardson, Basil
Remby, Colin
Remby, Fred
Remby, James
Remby, Spencer
Rhynard, Tom
Rogers, Henry
Ryan, Clara
Ryan, Captain James
Sabean, Captain Amos
Scobey, John
Seldon, Frank
Seldon, Miss Minnie
Simms, Otis
Smith, Captain Edward
Smith, Horatio (Rache)
Smith, Captain Ned
Smith, Russell
Smith, Tom
Smith, William
Smith, William Spencer
Smith, Zenas
Spinks, Charlie
Sponagle, Captain Newton
Starratt, Linwood
Stewart, Robert (Bob)
Stoutley, Bill
Stoutley, Robert
Teal, Fred
Thomas, Captain Oliver
Thorndyke, Jake
Wagner, Gilbert
Wagner, John
Wagner, Sim
Wentzell, William
West, Charlie
West, Tom
West, Stephen
Wharton, Captain Henry
Wharton, Captain Israel
Wharton, Joseph
Wharton, Captain Lewis
Wile, Mrs. Annis
Whynot, Mandy
Wolfe, Ed
Wolf, Fred
Wolf, Captain Randall
Wolf, William
Young, Jim
Zwicker, Captain Nathan

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